18 Months Later Tunebook
  • 18 Months Later Tunebook
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Collection of the tunes from my albums with Ruaridh Campbell.

Airs Angel of the South Side
Mirrlees Lane Seaforth Spirits Travel Day

Waltzes Compliments to Mr François Eberlé pt.1 & pt.2 Flowers for Maimi Wylie Hardington Mains The Secret Wedding

Marches Ardersier The Encyclopaedia of Jim Coubrough The Last Stand

Jigs Boo’s Jig Eilidh on the Western Shore 21 Miles to Biggar Tony’s Foursome Reel Top of the Morgan to ya!

Slip Jigs Cold Chips Stuck in Port Askaig

Reels Connor’s Reel Drowsy Maggie (variation 1) Freewheelin’ to Kingshouse Michelle Grehan’s Farewell to Her Degree Panic Sue’s Celebration Scotsman’s Screwdriver The Trains (live from NYC) Washington Square Park

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