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New Voices: 3G

Angus Lyon

The idea behind this music was to explore the notion that a lot of who you are comes from those who went before you. The older I get the more this comes true. Like each generation of a family these three parts of music have their own individual voices and ideas but are ultimately influenced by what's happened before. So much has changed in the world in the space of only three generations and I wanted to include that change in the style and attitude of the different parts.


3G was commissioned by Celtic Connections for the New Voices series in 2011
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...And Lo! The Bird Is On The Wing - VINYL

Blue Rose Code

'...AND LO! THE BIRD IS ON THE WING' is the new album from the acclaimed Scottish songwriter, Blue Rose
Code (Ross Wilson). The album was previewed at a special SOLD OUT concert at 2016’s Celtic Connections and is released on
4th March, supported by a UK and European tour.

Recorded at Gran's House Studio in the Scottish Borders and written between the Shetland Isles and rural Dorset,
'...AND LO! THE BIRD IS ON THE WING' features the finest Scottish Jazz and Folk musicians, Nashville Gospel singers, The McCrary Sisters, British music legend Danny Thompson and Hollywood A-lister, none other than Ewan McGregor.

Of the new record, Wilson says, "It's an album for music fans and musicians. A challenging record, I think, and it's
abundantly clear that the process has been undertaken away from the cynicism of any record company.

"I'm passionate about that fusion of folk and jazz and where it intersects with songwriting. Working with these musicians has
been a game-changer. I may have cut my throat because there's not really a single on here but, this is the album that I've
written and it's just as I wished it to be."

Includes unlimited streaming of ...And Lo! The Bird Is On The Wing via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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