New video from my New Voices project, 3G

Well, it's only taken the best part of 4 years for me to get round to finishing this video.. To be fair, it's been a busy 4 years! :)

I absolutely loved working with this amazing group of people. It's so good to be able to look back and remember this time and the music we played together. 

Massive thanks to Adam Bulley for filming and editing the video and to Andrea Gobbi for recording the audio.

Angus Lyon - Piano 
Alyn Cosker - Drums 
F'raser Fifield - Saxophone 
Ali Hutton - Whistle 
Duncan Lyall - Double Bass 
Chas MacKenzie - Electric Guitar 
Patsy Reid - Fiddle 
Iain Sandilands - Vibraphone 
Innes Watson - Fiddle 

Filmed by Adam Bulley & Colin Cunningham 
Edited by Adam Bulley 
Mixed by Angus Lyon 
Mastered by Chris Waite